Labour MP for Streatham

“I’m proud to come from a family of migrants from Ghana. Like many others, my parents and extended family came to Britain to help rebuild this country. I know the issues and inequalities that exist in Streatham: from poor pay and discrimination, to a lack of workplace rights and affordable housing, already vulnerable communities are being hammered by austerity.”

Streatham needs a representative that understands the lives of its residents and has a track record of grassroots campaigning. I am seeking your backing to power the social justice and economic transformation our community deserves.

My Experience

  • Member of Streatham Constituency Labour Party for almost a decade
  • Unite workplace branch Secretary
  • Organiser, Society of Black Lawyers and African Caribbean Alumni Network (A-CAN)
  • Lambeth school Governor
  • TULO rep for Streatham CLP

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Investing in our future

Our younger generation is being left behind. Cuts to schools and youth centres pose a serious risk to the future and lives of our young people. As Streatham’s candidate and MP I will make the case for targeted investment that secures skills and education; oppose the closures of our children’s centres and deliver community-led, public health approaches to knife crime.

Funding public services

I support 100% Labour’s plan to make our economy work For the Many, Not the Few. With Jeremy Corbyn as our leader we will deliver on key issues that matters to our community.

Key Issues

Opposing austerity and defending living standards

I am proud that under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour has become an unambiguously anti-austerity party, committed to sustained increases in investment in public services, infrastructure, and industry. If Labour form a government, I will support the leadership in their efforts to rebalance our economy away from speculative, unproductive finance that only benefits a tiny elite, towards sustainable, long-term investment that benefits working people.


Tory Brexit is a project driven by the most extreme members of the Conservative Party, who are determined to push through a Brexit that will damage living standards and force us into greater dependency on so-called free trade agreements with the United States. For me it is clear that the only way to break the deadlock is through a second referendum and a strong campaign to remain. I will work with local party members to argue clearly for the future of Streatham inside the EU, and subsequently to build our alliances with progressive and socialist forces across Europe to ensure the EU is reformed in favour of working people.

Green New Deal

Climate change is the greatest single existential threat faced by our planet. Across the planet, millions of people are paying the price for decades of unsustainable and unclean energy use by the world’s richest people. Climate change can only be addressed via sweeping changes to our economic system, via public ownership of our energy system, mass investment in renewable energy to create new jobs, and increased support to developing countries so that they can deal with the damage caused by climate change. As your MP, I will champion a Green New Deal and campaign for our party to go further in its efforts to build an environmentally sustainable society.

Defending Migrants’ Rights and Supporting Free Movement

As a party we have to be clear. Refugees and migrants are not responsible for low wages or stretched public services. People come to our country fleeing war, persecution, and the economic hardship created by an unjust capitalist system. In an era of climate change and gaping inequalities, it is profoundly wrong that people coming to our country are met with the indignities of indefinite detention and no recourse to public funds. As your MP, I will be a consistent voice in favour of all migrants’ rights and free movement.

Tackling London’s Housing Crisis

London’s housing crisis is caused by a flawed model that uses housing as assets to speculative on rather than homes to live in. The consequence of this is that growing numbers of working people are finding it impossible to continue living in the places where they grew up in constituencies such as ours. As your MP I will fight to change this through a combination of rent controls, mass expansions of high quality council housing, and measures to stabilise housing prices while discouraging speculative activity in housing.

Fighting to Win

Boris Johnson threatens everything we want achieve. He is an anti-union, pro-Trump, climate change denier, who will ruin all our future’s with a No Deal Brexit.

The only alternative is a Corbyn-led Labour government.  The people of Streatham have returned a Labour MP for almost 30 years.  We cannot trust the LibDems who stayed in government with the Tories for FIVE years to implement austerity.

We need a fighting, campaigning Labour Party to take on the Tories nationally and the LibDems in Streatham. If selected I will be the candidate for you, and a Labour, Party fighting For The Many.

We need bold action on the climate crisis – A Green New Deal

From the Amazon rainforest fires, to killer heatwaves, floods and extreme weather - it couldn’t be clearer that we are in a climate emergency. Already, many of the world’s poorest people - who have done the least to cause this crisis - are being hit first and worst...

We need a People’s Vote and strong campaign for Remain – Labour is leading the fight against a Johnson/Trump Brexit

Of all the strange things surrounding Brexit – and there are a lot to choose from – one of the strangest is the insistence of the political pundits that they don’t understand Labour’s policy on Brexit.  Alternatively, they also claim that Jeremy is sitting on...

Standing to be Labours Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham.

I am a lifelong socialist and Streatham resident from a Labour family. As a Black working class woman I’ve lived with inequalities in our community, and the injustices of Tory austerity. As a trade unionist; Labour campaigner, and Lambeth school governor, I’ve...

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I need your help to bring about change for Streatham. We have many issues that need our attention, and it’s only through a new kind of politics that doesn’t serve the interests of the elite can we really make a difference.

With your help, I want to  work towards changing the lives of people in Streatham for the better; holding power to account; and ensuring it delivers for our community.


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Please register to vote now. A General Election will be held on December 12th and the Labour Party is counting on your support to end austerity and the misery brought on by the Conservative Government.

Upcoming Events

Black History Month. Celebrating Excellence

Oct 16, 2018 |Institute of Cancer Research & Royal Marsden Hospital BAME Forum

Speakers include Dr Navita Somaiah, Clinical Research Fellow at the ICR and The Royal Marsden, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, the Society of Black Lawyers and the award-winning playwright Ade Solanke. These speakers have all in their own right contributed to Black History in the UK and Worldwide. They will be sharing their path of Excellence stories and will be available for a Q&A session.

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