I am a lifelong socialist and Streatham resident from a Labour family. As a Black working class woman I’ve lived with inequalities in our community, and the injustices of Tory austerity. As a trade unionist; Labour campaigner, and Lambeth school governor, I’ve seen Tories privatise and decimate  our public services. Tory policies are failing Streatham. We need a Corbyn-led government now!

My vision for Streatham is inspired by our trade unions’ community activism, faith groups and others and uniting to end austerity and improve people’s lives. I oppose Lambeth Council cuts closing children’s centres. I support joined-up youth services; education and job-creation schemes promoting decent pay and unionisation. Inadequate social housing, benefit sanctions, pensioner fuel poverty must end. Streatham needs strong NHS and public services – not more cuts or privatisation.

Boris Johnson’s No Deal Brexit will crash the economy, end free movement, and restrict rights. We need a Labour government to protect, jobs, rights, and the environment stop a Trump Brexit

As Political Advisor to Diane Abbott across shadow ministerial roles in International, Health, and Home Office, I’ve helped expose Tory failures including exposing the Windrush Scandal forcing Amber Rudd’s resignation as Home Secretary, contributing to Labour’s 2017 Manifesto #ForTheMany, and promoting international solidarity and justice.

I’m a grassroots campaigner who’s worked with unions and Party activists to make Labour gains across Britain.

I’ve shown I can take Streatham’s priorities from the doorstep to national media and Parliament. I’m seeking your backing to be Streatham Labours socialist candidate in the next election, to power the transformation we need in our area.