From the Amazon rainforest fires, to killer heatwaves, floods and extreme weather – it couldn’t be clearer that we are in a climate emergency. Already, many of the world’s poorest people – who have done the least to cause this crisis – are being hit first and worst by the impacts.

Scientists are warning us that time is running out to act. What we do in the next few years will be decisive for our planet and future generations.

In response to this crisis we’ve seen a remarkable movement rise up across the world – giving us hope. Greta Thunberg, the youth climate strikers and Extinction Rebellion are calling for urgent action. These are movements I’ve been proud to stand alongside because they are right – we need bold action and we need it now.

That’s why I’ll make fighting climate change a top priority as Streatham’s Labour MP. As part of a Labour government I will deliver a Green New Deal that will create hundreds of thousands of green jobs and secure a just transition to a low carbon economy. Not only will we cut greenhouse gas emissions – we will clean up our air, end fuel poverty and protect animals and wildlife. Labour created the world’s first Climate Change Act, and it’s Labour who will strengthen that Act and build a fairer, greener world.

In contrast, the Tories have an absolutely appalling record on climate change and should be ashamed. They’ve supported fracking, Heathrow expansion and many of their MPs have ties to the fossil fuel industry. Tory austerity has also seen subsidies for renewable energy scrapped, and public transport has become more expensive. Lib Dem MPs have often voted alongside the Tories to undermine action on climate change.

Climate change is also deeply tied to inequality and injustice. I’ve done the research and in our area we face many environmental inequalities. In Lambeth only 43% of homes are well insulated and nearly 1 in 10 people live in fuel poverty and struggle with their energy bills. In Streatham while many of us are making our way to work, going shopping or on the school run, we will be breathing high levels of air pollution. I want to be an MP that helps end the injustice of people having to choose between eating or heating their home. I want to be part of a Labour government that secures clean air for all – so that children are no longer having their lives cut short because of toxic air.

We know what the solutions are to the climate crisis – it’s time we had a Labour government that will deliver them. Labour’s policies on climate change are world-leading and we’re working with scientists and trade unions to make them as radical and ambitious as we possible can. A Corbyn-led government would see in a massive expansion of improved public transport, a rapid switch towards renewable clean energy, solar panels on 1.75million roofs, a ban on fracking and a mass insulation programme.

In the meantime I will keep standing up to the Tories and the fossil fuel industry.

My record on action on climate change is clear. I’ve protested Barclays – the worst bank in Europe for funding fossil fuels. I took part in the the recent global climate strike called by Greta Thunberg. I have opposed the Tories and their dreadful Brexit plans that will see environmental standards seriously weakened.

Climate change is a global issue and I am an internationalist. Just as I’ve consistently opposed wars and conflict that lead to human suffering, I stand with people on the frontlines of climate change across the globe. It’s right that the UK, one of the world’s largest historic emitters of climate-changing emissions does all it can and shows international leadership on the issue. We also need to do far more to help vulnerable countries through finance and sharing of renewable and green technology. As climate breakdown forces people to flee their homes, we can’t turn our backs on them. Refugees are welcome here and the Labour movement must always act with solidarity and compassion to those in need.

We need bold action on the climate crisis. Only a Labour government can deliver that action. As Labour MP for Streatham I will fight for a Green New Deal that will transform Streatham for the better, and help build a fairer, greener world. Will you join me?